Bhangra On Purpose
Bhangra On Purpose
WTF is Pungra?

WTF is Pungra?

  1. WTF is Pungra?

  2. What is bhangra?

  3. The beginning of my journey

  4. We want to do bhangra

  5. What most people want

  6. Qualification

  7. Concept of Pungra

  8. Break the norm

  9. Whaaaat, that's fitness?

  10. Exercise to Music Level 2

  11. The future of Pungra

  12. for updates

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Bhangra On Purpose
Bhangra On Purpose
The best Punjabi music and how to use the music for one of at least three purposes, care-free, performing or exercise. Pungra is an organisation that specialises in the third purpose, exercise.