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Khair or hair? This break-up Punjabi song has been rebooted by Raxstar

How is khair pronounced? And what does it mean in these three songs?

The first time I listened Bilal Saeed’s track, Khair Mangdi, I was mezmorised. Then in 2016 a movie released called Baar Baar Dekho, with the famous track called Kala Chashma. In the same movie was a song called Khair Mangdi.

Katrina Kaif Bollywood GIF

In February 2024, a track called Ask by Raxstar was released. It features the same Khair Mangdi piece. Listen to the podcast to find out more about the meaning.

I hope you enjoy listening to the tracks, and Davina and I talking about them. All three tracks have been added to these playlists on: Apple Music / Spotify

This podcast is published to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible and YouTube Music. If you listen to podcasts elsewhere, please let me know which platform, and I’ll get this podcast published there too.

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