⭐ Why we do what we do

This is our vision which outlines our north star.


The obesity pandemic will reach 50% of developed nations populations by 2030 and will impact 100% of the people. South Asian females are the most inactive demographic in the UK and other countries. South Asians are 6 times more like to contract Type 2 Diabetes than the general population. This is due to a variety of factors including diet and exercise, Source Diabetes UK. Other sources: W.H.O. declare obesity a global epidemic/pandemic in 2000 / NHS, Half of UK obese by 2030 / Physical Activity stats from the UK Government


We aim to be the leaders in the highest standards to group exercise to Punjabi music in the world.


  1. Publish exercise videos to YouTube to facilitate exercise at home.

  2. Support heroes at home to become Activators, to minimise the isolation and associated lack of activity caused by lockdowns.

  3. Convert dancers and fitness enthusiasts into high-quality coaches through partnerships with organisations including EMD UK, the UK's national governing body for group exercise.

What does good mean?

We endeavour to ensure that our format is according to the definitions of good, which includes:

  1. To be desired or approved of,

  2. Having the required qualities, of a high standard,

  3. That which is morally right,

  4. Benefit or advantage to someone or something.