We're helping others exercise... we're ready to help you too

Exercise Together

Exercise with us, safely, effectively and with a high quality above board experience. These are 100% free as long as you have the essentials such as internet, TV or laptop and mobile. You don’t need any accounts with YouTube and definitely not with that dreaded Facebook (or WhatsApp and Instagram). To find the latest times and more information see app.pungra.fit

See Daljit in action

Watch Daljit’s video to check out her ace living room, which she’s putting to good use with helping many other people exercise regularly.

Our Activators will check in with you

Do you sometimes feel like you’re too relaxed about your need to exercise at least 75 minutes1 per week? We have the solution, get yourself an Activator. We are here to check-in with you, politely and unobtrusively every week to ask how you’re getting on. We do this voluntarily (for free) using chat messaging through your platform of choice, be it SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

To be allocated an Activator, please register at app.pungra.fit (Register is the bottom-right button).

Each Activator has a maximum capacity of 25 people, many of them are already at 30% in the first week of doing this, so please get your space quickly, before they’re gone. We don’t know when new people will join our team to become Activators, you were warned.

How did we do this week

Our results this week. People joined our 17 exercise together sessions a total of 136 times. 4,600 exercised to our videos. 30 check-ins to help keep people on track. We did this all for a grand total of (dhol drum roll please… ) £0.

I’ve been tidying up

Since it’s almost spring and we’ve had a couple of days of pleasant temperature, I’ve tided up some parts of pungra.fit and app.pungra.fit. Here are a summary of changes:

  1. All information about Pungra is on one page, pungra.fit/about

  2. app.pungra.fit contains two new sections, Testimonials and Store.

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The NHS advices that adults need 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week.