What's this Pungra all about?

❔ Is Pungra, Bhangra?

No. Bhangra is a complicated and therefore misunderstood word. We are not in the “bhangra industry”, in fact we believe the term bhangra is problematic to use for a number of reasons, and this is why we don't use it anyway - other than to explain to you that we're not bhangra, or bhangra fitness, or bhangra exercise.

Confused? All will be explained in my upcoming book. The best way to describe Pungra is as 'Good group exercise to Punjabi music'.

The name Pungra is inspired by the authentic pronunciation of the word bhangra. So instead of thinking “is Pungra, bhangra?” it’s better to recognise that there are many organisations whose names are inspired by other more familiar terms, for example:

  1. Apple is inspired by the fruit and the idea of simplicity - but it’s a technology company, it’s not selling fruit.

  2. Google is inspired by the word Googol which is the name for a number with one hundred zeroes. You’d think that Google was a company about numbers and mathematics, but it’s a technology company.

  3. Amazon is inspired by a river in South America, but you know it’s a technology company, not one that supplies water.

  4. Facebook is inspired by the ritual of American school dorm directories, but they are a technology company.

❔ Is Pungra, Bollywood?

How I feel anytime anyone asks this question.

This question stems from a form of simplification, categorisation and confirmation bias. There are two problems here. First, that Bollywood is a horrible name. Second, that the heart of so-called “Bollywood” is 2,000 kilometres away from the heart of Punjab. That’s a similar distance between Dublin and Cannes so imagine how the Irish would feel being confused with the French. If you’re surprised that people from the India Movie Industry dislike the word Bollywood, you should watch this video.

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]Boom! Boom!

Just awesome way to be fit and healthy. Let's adapt Pungra into lifestyle with great instructor Ravi sir who inspires us with VO2 Max and several new concepts. Good luck folks let's just follow up this page without a second thought and get healthy, fit and fine.

Hurry up! let's spread Pungra into the whole world as a fitness exercise.

I lost 6pounds in 2 months with this page.

Manpinder Ocks

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