Instruct Pungra

Certify as a group exercise to Punjabi music instructor.

What do I need to become an instructor?

  1. A willingness to learn

  2. An interest (preferrbly passion) for pushing forward these causes:

    1. Increasing opportunities and interest in your community to exercise

    2. Improved representation and support for Punjabi music (a.k.a. bhangra)

  3. A stable other source of income

  4. A mobile phone and tripod

  5. Internet access, enough bandwidth to upload weekly videos of approximately 300 megabytes

  6. A venue to teach at

  7. Good communication digital, and in-person in English, some Punjabi and Hindi appreciation is a bonus

  8. Skilled in, or willing to learn:

    1. Substack

    2. Video capture and editing on mobile phone

    3. Canva

What are the tasks required to certify?

Stage a Be sure it’s for you

  1. Attend 50 hours of other group exercise classes (of any music/style) in-person or using videos such as YouTube, Apple+ Fitness or similar.

  2. Listen/Read The Day Bhangra Died

  3. Ask your venue of choice these questions:

    1. “I am considering becoming a certified group exercise to Punjabi music (a.k.a. bhangra) instructor. If I can join the timetable, or teach at this venue, what do I need to do other than complete the certification?”

  4. Schedule a 30 minute coaching discussion with Ravi Sandhu using

Stage b Set Up

  1. Create an account with

  2. Create a video (up to 5 minutes duration) for each of these titles and publish to your Substack:

    1. How [any example relevant to you] is being modernised*

    2. How is bhangra pronounced, and why it’s not a single thing*

    3. How performing to music is different to exercising to music*

    4. Here’s how to build up the move [name] to 4 levels of exertion#

  3. Watch Ravi’s video commentary of a one hour workout

  4. Review Show Me The Money and ask

Stage b -