Help me to help you

Register and have all the links to exercise with as, at your finger tips with the new Pungra app.

Not sure when we exercise together? It’s on the app. Want some new Punjabi music suggestions to listen to? It’s on the app. Need some last minute help? Ask in the app.

Access it on a web browser at Install it on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

It’s the first version, please accept my apologies for any glitches and expect a few more features to be added in the coming months.

Help us, to help you

We all need a nudge occasionally. Register on the app and provide the best way to check-in with you.

When are Exercise Together sessions?

We exercise three times a day on weekdays, and once on weekends. Just remember 7, 1, 7, Meaning 7AM, 1PM and 7PM. For weekends it’s 9:30AM. Repeat after me, seven, one, seven!