🤑 Black Friday deals for your fitness

This may be a great time of year to get deals on fitness and health related technology

Technology is vital for helping us make goals and stay on track with our physical activities. I recognise that many of us can’t afford to splash out this year, but I wonder if it’s also a time to ensure that we’re spending our money wisely. And what better way to spend than on our health? Here are some deals for Black Friday worth checking out.

These products are not sold by Pungra, and Pungra does not receive any commission. If you buy, you do so at your own risk and your relationship for the product is between you and the merchant.

FitBit Charge 4 - FitBit or Amazon

I have one of these, they’re relatively cheap and vital for you to track and monitor your activities. I prefer these to more expensive smartwatches such as Wear Os or Apple Watch devices which are at least three times the price.

Typically £129.99 this is available for £99.99. It’s also the same price on Amazon.

Check it out

Wellness blood tests - Medichecks

They’ll probably be another offer on after Christmas, which is when I do my annual blood test. These tests are eye-opening, and help us understand whether we’re deficient in any nutrients. There are tests for males and females.

Typically £149, they are reduced to £109.

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Samsung Smart TV - Argos

Why on earth am I recommending a new TV? To access Pungra videos through YouTube of course.

Typically £479, they are reduced to £399

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Sony soundbar - Amazon

Your exercise videos through YouTube are enhanced with a soundbar, especially if the exercise is to music.

Typically £159, it is reduced to £144.99

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I hope you found these suggestions interesting.